Michael Ripley

Like a spider web covering six hundred square miles, the rail system in Chicago crosses the city, east to west, and north to south, leaving its undeniable footprint upon the urban landscape and poking into the suburban neighborhoods that run along Lake Michigan’s shore. Extended spokes and electrical spikes provide the foundation for the web, carrying one hundred and thirty-seven passenger trains to all parts of the city. On any given day, over fifty thousand people line up at the doors to ride to or from, or within the city of a million dreams.
Samuel Thomes has always enjoyed the train. This train especially, has been his favorite, always passing the same sights twice a day, but providing a sense of adventure each time. The train doesn’t always run exactly on time, and that’s ok with Sam. Too many people take great pride in getting where they’re going at exactly the right time, but Sam never seems to notice, and it’s never really hurt him. It is the train after all. It provides a break from all other routines, and little can be expected of him when he’s on the train.
The ride always gives him a chance to think of more important things than his own dreary day. His work is a part of the day that doesn’t measure up to the rest of his time. It’s not a bad job as far as jobs go. In fact he has a good career going. The rest of his time, though, especially during the past few weeks, has been filled with rich adventure. That’s where his story starts. This train ride takes about twenty-five minutes, one way. Just enough time to get through this tale. It’ll amuse, and at times be a bit unbelievable. I think more than anything, it’ll fill a brief time with a little glimpse of Sam’s life as he knows it to be.

Chapter One
Samuel Allen Thomes lives alone in a house in the suburbs.

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